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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Time to Rest

Sometimes it is good to take a day off and just catch up.  I did that today. My mountains of paperwork were starting to get to me, so I needed to sort them into piles.  The biggest piles are for pensions and budget information of course.
Late this afternoon, I was a judge for the City's Farm after school program.  Those kids are pretty smart!  They did presentations on various aspects of the farm--vegetable gardening, animal care.  I was so impressed. The presentation about the four parts of a cow's stomach was excellent. What an awesome program we have.  The winners will be announced on Friday at 5 at the Farm. 

Then I went to the Costa Mesa Community Foundation meeting--all volunteer board members lead by Bill Turpit, who are working to make our city the best! (Watch for the 5K Run on April 22 and 23 and the FIVE Concerts in the Park series this summer that the CMCF is sponsoring).

Which brings me to my point.  We have a wonderful city of which we all--residents and employees should be very proud.  Things are still humming along in spite of changes happening.  But the sky is not falling in Costa Mesa. There is no budget crisis.  Yes, we do need to do some serious trimming in the next few months.  But I'm not spending time grandstanding on national tv shows.  I'm actually looking for solutions.  And I turned down a FOX interview today so I could do my paperwork, catch up on emails,  make some long overdue phone calls, talk to two daughters and just enjoy life in this great city.


ConcernedforCM said...

This needs a like button.
Thank you Wendy. I don't think you know just how much the residents AND the staff of CM appreciate all that you do and how you are going about doing it.
Thank you!

ProudAmerican said...

Thank you Wendy for your common sense and for the OC Public Square, and in particular, for your fearless expression in public of your honest views in the face of right-wing disapproval. In the best tradition of America. Bravo Wendy!

Judy Lindsay said...

I was taught by a well known OCC President, Bob Moore, that a "note' signed by "Anonymous" has no validity. I am proud to sign my real name, I have nothing to hide and everything to gain. Folks come on, real name or blog name but forget anonymous, stand up for what you believe.