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Thursday, April 15, 2010

What can I say about the Fair?

Not much. For those who have never been elected to public office, it is difficult to understand that the BROWN ACT is written on my forehead with invisible ink.  When I was on the school board, I was careful not to break it and now, more than ever, on the City Council, I am conscious of every word I speak about the City's work to purchase the Fairgrounds.

I am forced to speak in generalities and hesitate to say anything lest I be in violation of the sacred Ralph M Brown Act--the holy writ of public officials who must keep confidential all things done in closed session and not talk to more than one other council person about an upcoming vote.

 Thus, at this point, I can only say that our city manager Allan Roeder, Becky Bailey-Findley, a top numbers cruncher from Los Angeles, our city attorney and Gary and Katrina continue to work overtime to meet the April 21 deadline imposed on us by the Governor on which we have to present a substantial agreement.  I can't talk about the agreement of course, or what is in it, or anything else.

I can only say we continue to move forward, and for those who have labored with us for months, I hope this is encouraging news. The county supervisors,  and my dear friend Supervisor John M. W. Moorlach,  have opted for a different approach because they don't want to pay the Governor the $96,000,000 he wants to be paid. Stay tuned. At least I said something, but I admit, it isn't much.  You can thank Ralph Brown. Keep praying.

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