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Saturday, December 18, 2010

City of Costa Mesa, California

City of Costa Mesa, California

Marine Care Package Program

Please go to our Costa Mesa link for the flyer and more information about purchasing items to donate to our Marines.
Please drop off times in the City Hall Lobby.
The City of Costa Mesa and the 1st Battalion 5th Marines (1/5) Support Group have been working together to support 1/5’s “Sister Battalion” 3/5 Marines which are part of the 5th Marine Regiment with a home base at Camp San Mateo at Camp Pendleton. 3/5 Marines are currently deployed to Afghanistan taking the fight to the Taliban. As a result they have suffered heavy casualties. While the City has adopted 1/5, the Support Group has recently raised funds and sent Care-Pacs to the 3/5 Marines. The Support Group is encouraging the community to join them in raising funds and donating items for Care-Pacs for the 3/5 during the month of December. This will allow the Care-Pacs to arrive in early January to the Marines.

Please note that all items will need to be dropped off at City Hall no later than 1 pm December 29.

A collection box is located in the first floor lobby of City Hall. Thank you.

List of Items: Financial Contributions, Tooth paste and brushes, dental floss, chewing gum, disposable razors and shaving cream, foot powder, hand sanitizer, soap, shampoo, Q-tips, jerky, granola bars, vienna sausages, Spam, handi-wipes, instant coffee,sunflower seeds, canned nuts, lip balm, hand lotion, sun screen, sardines, smoked oysters and tuna. We don't want to take up space with items the troops won't use.

- Support Marines and their families by making a donation payable to: City of Costa Mesa

1/5 Fund. Donations made to the City of Costa Mesa exclusively for public purposes are considered to be tax deductible in accordance with IRC 170(s)(1), as long as the donor does not receive any substantial benefit in return for the contribution. Contact Dan Baker at (714) 754-5156 for questions or comments.

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