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Friday, December 31, 2010

Oh my--Where did the time go?

What a ride this year has been. 

I hope you had a blessed Christmas and have a safe and healthy 2011. 

High points:

The Fam-- Amy and Derek's wonderful wedding in Laguna. Everything was perfect.  I am so glad my son, Bret,  and his wife, Blithe, moved back to the US bringing my two grandchildren with them. Two years was such a long time!  Also, Emily, who turned 21 in March,  continues to excel at Gold's Gym, Pima College and now has started her Beachbodies business  Megan is exploring her options for her own business too.

The City.  So thankful and humbled for the people who re-elected me. I promise to continue to do my homework, meet with residents and business owners and come to the meetings prepared to listen to the public and staff and vote accordingly.   I tried very hard to run a low budget, "anyone can do this in Costa Mesa" campaign.  I believe we can all work together. We have a wonderful city. We are diverse, eclectic, creative, traditional, opinionated, smart and strong-willed to name a few.  As I have met and talked this week with nearly all of the Council, Planning Commision and Parks and Recreation applicants, I appreciate our diversity, talents and love for Costa Mesa even more. We have many challenges, but we have many opportunities to use the talents we each bring to the "table."

I'm always open to meet at my favorite place or yours.  Just let me know!

Be safe tonight!

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