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Saturday, January 1, 2011

32 per cent is a big deal

While I was sorting my 2010 receipts and paperwork today, (my annual chore on Jan. 1),throwing out outdated City Council paperwork too, I could help but think that our serious crime being down 32 per cent is REMARKABLE.  Part of the reason it is down is due to the fact we have not had any murders (however, I just got the report there was a fight at the Hilton this morning that ended in one person dying of knife wounds, that is sad) so our status for the second half of 2010 may not be as great.  It takes everyone working as a team to be successful.  Having an ICE agent in our jail for a few years could have been a deterrent to illegal alien criminals as well.  Who wants to go to Costa Mesa and commit a crime if they know they could end up being deported?  Have a happy rest of the New Year's Day! The weather was awesome!

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